Pathways to Professions

Live It Learn It’s Pathways to Professions initiative introduces students to career paths made possible by a good education.

Area professionals host a class at their places of business. There, students speak with people in a range of jobs, learn about the responsibilities of each, and explore the steps necessary to secure these and other stable, rewarding careers.

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(From left to right:  Hands-on visits with the National Park Service, FedEx Corporation, and Keast & Hood)

Live It Learn It's Pathways to Professions partners include:

The Live It Learn It’s Professions program?  Fantastic.  The students met a FedEx vice president who grew up in this neighborhood and attended Ballou Senior High School.  It was so powerful for the kids to meet someone from their neighborhood who had “made it.”  She gave my children new goals, new objectives, new things to aspire to.  My girls started to say, I’m going to be a Vice President, I’m going to be a CEO.”

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