Our Approach

At Live It Learn It, we believe that students learn best when they experience the world for themselves.

Our model for teaching and learning, called Guided Experience, combines inquiry-driven experiences with structures that support deep analysis and intentional connections.

Our Guided Experience model:

a) emphasizes student-centered learning,

b) empowers learners to think critically,

c) makes learning relevant for all students.

Defining Characteristics of Guided Experience:

1.     Experience. We design hands-on experiences in and out of the classroom that require students to gather evidence and push them to discover outcomes for themselves. These experiences support student mastery of a rigorous learning goal by providing first-hand encounters with the content.

2.     Analyze We design scaffolded “thought routines” to help students draw conclusions, make recommendations, supply explanations, or create models rooted in evidence they have analyzed. This analysis is the core skill that students engage with as they pursue mastery of the learning goal.

3.     Connect. We design real-world narratives that highlight professionals or historical figures to help students connect to the content and to make the content relevant. We also connect students to their community and world outside the classroom by facilitating academic field visits to local sites.

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