Live It Learn It History

Student at Botanic GardenLive It Learn It grew from a teacher’s discovery of the power of experiential learning for his students.

Live It Learn It was founded by a public school teacher in Washington, D.C., who sought ways to engage even his most challenged students. He found that taking his elementary school students on academic trips markedly deepened their understanding of concepts and kindled their curiosity about the world. The trips made his students more confident, more motivated, and more successful in the classroom – but he knew that few students around the city, particularly those attending D.C.’s lowest-performing schools, had the opportunity to enjoy such life-changing experiences.

Determined to share the power and joy of experiential learning with more students, he left the classroom in 2005 to launch Live It Learn It. Since its inaugural pontoon trip with 23 students down the Anacostia River, the organization has grown to encompass thirty different programs at two dozen different sites across the D.C. area. More than 15,000 students from D.C.’s Title I (high-poverty) public schools have participated in Live It Learn It programs.

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