Mount Vernon-George Washington

JangBarber@Wheatley GW2

LILI Unit: Mount Vernon – George Washington, The Revolutionary

 Essential Question:In what ways was George Washington a revolutionary? Pre-trip lesson: In both his public and private life, George Washington was an innovator.  Students will Think like innovators to solve a series of problems – the same problems that Washington himself solved as a farmer, soldier, and president. This program focuses on the conditions in colonial America that shaped George Washington as a leader, and the extensive legacy that he built for generations to come.
 Level of Difficulty: Medium Trip: During the trip to Mount Vernon, students will further explore Washington’s leadership and legacy.  The visit includes a tour of the mansion, a hands-on session with a historic interperter, and – time-permitting activites in the Education center.
Academic Standards:

  • English Language Arts (CC.3.RI.2; CC.3.RI.3.4)
  • Social Studies (3.2.2)
Post-trip lesson: As a culminating activity, students practice one of Washington’s first jobs – surveying land and making maps. Students also test their knowledge of Washington’s contributions to America as they compete in a collaborative review game and take written assessments.