Lincoln Memorial, Lincoln Cottage, Ford’s Theatre & Petersen House


LILI Unit: Abraham Lincoln – Memorial, Cottage, Ford’s Theatre & Petersen House

Essential Question:
Why is Abraham Lincoln remembered as one of our greatest presidents?
Pre-trip lesson:  Who shot the President? Using primary source documents, students travel back in time and become detectives investigating the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln at Ford’s Theater. Through inquiry students also uncover facts related to Lincoln’s upbringing and presidency, as well as the Civil War and its efforts on America.


Level of Difficulty:


Trip:  At Ford’s Theater, student detectives join the manhunt to “capture” the assassin John Wilkes Booth. They explore the crime scene and, using analysis, work to collect evidence to track Booth, build a case against him, as well as uncover the possible motivations of his crime.
Academic Standards:

  • English Language Arts (CC.5.RI.2, CC.5.L.4.b)
  • Social Studies (5.5.3)
Post-trip lesson:  As a culminating activity, students use the evidence that they collected to complete a detailed report of the assassination and subsequent capture of Booth. They also test their knowledge of Lincoln and the Civil War as they compete in a collaborative review game and take written assessments.