Kreeger Museum – Landscapes & Still Lifes

Kreeger - Nature through Art

LILI Unit: Kreeger Museum, Landscapes & Still Lifes

Essential Question:What stories do landscapes and still-lifes tell? Pre-trip lesson:   Landscapes are more than images of beautiful scenery. Students analyze artistic choices in composition and use sensory details to bring the stories in landscapes to life. Similarly, students apply knowledge of symbolism in still-lifes to uncover their meanings. Claude Monet is a featured artist in this program.


Level of Difficulty:


Trip:   At the Kreeger Museum, students take a private tour of the collection and uncover stories in many styles of landscapes and still-lifes. Students also work with an artist to create Monet-inspired landscapes. They will learn how to produce different values and blend colors with pencils and oil pastels.
Academic Standards:

  • English Language Arts (CC.6.R.I.2, CC.6.L.4.a)
  • Visual Arts (6.5.2)
Post-trip lesson:   For the culminating activity, students write a sensory poem based on the landscape they created during the trip. Students also test their knowledge of landscape paintings as they compete in a collaborative review game and take written assessments.