International Spy Museum

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LILI Unit: International Spy Museum

Essential Question:How do spies succeed at discovering information? Pre-trip lesson:  This program introduces students to the world of espionage.  Students uncover key skills and tools a good spy must possess while exploring the inherent dangers of this job.  They practice applying knowledge of patterns as they code and decode secret information.  They also explore reasons why spying exists, and consider the positive and negative consequences of modern technology with respect to the accessibility of private information.


Level of Difficulty:



Trip:  At the museum, students further explore how spying has changed over time.  Students observe various spying tools, learn about different spying methods, and even try their hand at spying through observation, analysis, and disguise.  The highlight of this trip is participation in a “Code Cracker” workshop, where students use several decoding techniques to reveal information that will help solve a mystery.
Academic Standards:

  • English Language Arts (CC.5.R.I.2, CC.5.R.I.7)
  • Science (5.2.2)
Post-trip lesson:  As a culminating activity, students use cipher wheels to encode a secret clue about themselves and then exchange, decode, and discover a classmate’s clue.  Students also test their knowledge of espionage as they compete in a collaborative review game and take written assessments.